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Pharmacy Choice - News - Front Page Healthcare News - June 25, 2017

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6/25/17 - AOP Orphan and PharmaEssentia announce latest clinical results for Ropeginterferon alfa-2b in Polycythemia Vera from 3 abstracts presented at the 22nd Congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA) in Madrid
VIENNA and TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 25, 2017/ PRNewswire/ AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG and PharmaEssentia Corporation announced latest results from 3 clinical studies on Ropeginterferon alfa-2b for patients with Polycythemia Vera presented at EHA 2017.. Ropeginterferon alfa-2b is a novel, long-acting, mono-pegylated proline interferon expected to be
6/25/17 - Argon Medical Devices, Inc. Formalizes Medical Advisory Board
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at News of Science Argon Medical Devices, Inc., a leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty medical devices used in interventional procedures, announced that it has formalized a Medical Advisory Board comprised of distinguished physicians from institutions across the United States who specialize in
6/25/17 - Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette area Business Honors for June 25, 2017
The 2017 graduates are Brian D. Adams, Teach for America; Sarah Olcott Allen, AT&T; Leslie M. Austin, HR Solutions; Johnnay S. Benjamin, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center; Susan A. Blackburn, Ochsner Medical Center; Chelsey Laborde Blankenship, SoSis/ An Online Boutique; J. Ashley Mitchell Carter, Louisiana State Senate; Chad M. Cathey, Our Lady of t
6/25/17 - CareSet Labs Releases Root NPI Graph the Next Generation Medicare Doctor Referral Dataset
CareSet Labs released the Root NPI Graph today at the 2017 Academy Health ARM Meeting in New Orleans. "Medicare is the largest single payer in the United States, and the map of the healthcare system that can be generated from its claims database is one of the most comprehensive pictures of the healthcare system in the United States," says Trotter.
6/25/17 - CASEY: Union contract causes health-care hassles for some Kroger retirees
The company was United American and the insurance was a Medicare supplemental policy. Winners called her insurance agent, Jim Trout of Salem, and learned she wasn't the only Kroger retiree who had received the enrollment notice. Next, Winners called United American and told them she wanted no part of the policy and resented being enrolled without c
6/25/17 - CytRx Announces Update on the Regulatory Pathway for Aldoxorubicin in Soft Tissue Sarcomas
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Medical Letter on the CDC& FDA CytRx Corporation a biopharmaceutical research and development company specializing in oncology, announced an update on the regulatory pathway for a New Drug Application submission for aldoxorubicin in soft tissue sarcomas. The Company plans to submit a rolling NDA under secti
6/25/17 - Dasatinib excels in worldwide phase II trial against pediatric CML
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at VerticalNews Science In 2002, the FDA approved the drug imatinib as a first-line therapy for adults with chronic myeloid leukemia caused by the fusion gene BCR-ABL, known as the Philadelphia chromosome. Now worldwide phase II clinical trial results presented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology Ann
6/25/17 - Data on Diabetes Detailed by Researchers at University of North Carolina (The Role of the FDA and Regulatory Approval of New Devices for Diabetes...
Data on Diabetes Detailed by Researchers at University of North Carolina. According to news reporting originating from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, by NewsRx correspondents, research stated, "Purpose of Review The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for assuring the safety, effectiveness, and quality of medical devices in the USA.
6/25/17 - EDITORIAL: One-sided health care plans won't benefit Iowans [The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, Iowa]
June 25 For more than seven years Republicans have claimed the Affordable Care Act was developed and passed by Democrats alone under a shroud of secrecy. The erroneous claims minimize months of bill markup, when GOP amendments were considered and more than 150 accepted. Now congressional Republicans are attempting to follow through on their pledg
6/25/17 - EDITORIAL: Senate's unseemly rush to vote on health bill [The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif.]
The Senate version doesn't appear to be much nicer. Obamacare, by comparison, was developed over the course of months, including 60 hours of hearings in the Senate health committee, bipartisan negotiations in the finance committee, which held its longest markup session in two decades, and 25 days of debate before a floor vote. McConnell wants a vot
Tragically, the American Health Care Act passed by the House would be a major step backward in addressing the addiction epidemic, and the Senate is on the same harmful path. Wherever I traveled as surgeon general, from Rust Belt cities to remote Alaskan fishing villages, I saw the toll of addiction on individuals and families who struggled with tre
6/25/17 - GOP doesn't care about health care Peck: Republicans don't care about health care
It must be resisted in the Senate. Owing to deep slashes in Medicaid and Medicare- a long cherished goal of Republicans- seniors will also have to pay higher premiums and deductibles. Finally, the AHCA discriminates against the poor.
6/25/17 - GOP health bill a danger to region
As you may be aware, politicians in Washington, D.C., are considering a health care reform bill called the American Health Care Act. Specifically, the House of Representatives' version of the AHCA, as it stands, will have catastrophic effects on families, children, elderly and disabled individuals who depend on our hospital for care. It is projecte
6/25/17 - GOP health bills threaten 'havoc'; Impact likely to reach far beyond 50M uninsured; ANALYSIS
President Donald Trump and GOP leaders have touted their Obamacare repeal bills- one passed by the House last month and a Senate version unveiled last week- as a necessary fix to problems created by the Affordable Care Act. But in physicians' offices and medical centers, in state capitals and corporate offices, there are growing fears the unprecede
6/25/17 - GOP health care bill could drive even more North Coast patients to emergency rooms [The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif.]
June 25 Emergency rooms would once again become the main medical access point for low-income residents under the Republican Party's latest health care bill, which seeks to replace former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, according to local and state health care experts. Unveiled Thursday in the Senate, the Better Care Reconciliation A
6/25/17 - GOP's Jekyll and Hyde health plan
On Medicaid, the federal-state health program covering 69 million lower-income people, the Senate plan is harsher than the House plan. Like the House bill, the Senate bill would effectively kill the expansion of Medicaid that was allowed under the Affordable Care Act. Both the Senate and the House plans also impose a per capita cap on future federa
6/25/17 - Health care changes must be positive for Montana
While there is an effort to move legislation out of the Senate next week, I ve been urging my colleagues to get this legislation right; my dad taught me it is better to measure twice, cut once. And sadly, I have heard the countless horrible stories about how Obamacare has hurt hard-working Montana families. We have had seven years since the Demo
6/25/17 - Heartland Institute Experts Comment on Senate GOP Health Care Reform Bill
Republicans in the United States Senate on Thursday released their version of bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The following statements from health care policy experts at The Heartland Institute- a free-market think tank- may be used for attribution. Michael Hamilton Research Fellow, Health Care Polic
6/25/17 - Insuring fewer people shouldnt be the answer
The Senate s version of repeal and replace Obamacare was finally unveiled Thursday. The Congressional Budget Office will analyze the legislation to predict its effects. Under both the House and Senate health care bills, that will be phased out.
6/25/17 - Investigational vaccine protected monkeys from HIV-like virus
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at VerticalNews Health DURHAM, N.C. Building on insights from an HIV vaccine regimen in humans that had partial success during a phase 3 clinical trial in Thailand, a Duke-led research team used a more-is-better approach in monkeys that appeared to improve vaccine protection from an HIV-like virus. "The vac
6/25/17 - Jacobson Pharma Announces 2017 Annual Results
HONG KONG, Jun 25, 2017 Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited, a leading company engaged in the research, development, production, marketing and sale of generic drugs and proprietary medicines, has today announced its annual results of the Company and its subsidiaries for the year ended 31 March 2017. These annual results are the first since the co
6/25/17 - Lenvatinib Demonstrates Positive Results vs Sorafenib Across All Endpoints in First-Line Phase 3 Non-inferiority Trial of Unresectable Hepatocellular...
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Medical Letter on the CDC& FDA Eisai Inc. announced results from the REFLECT study, a Phase 3 trial evaluating lenvatinib, the company's multiple receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, for the first-line treatment of patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma. These data will be presented in an oral..
6/25/17 - Medicaid cuts likely to hurt drug, mental-health programs in Tucson [The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson]
June 24 After three felony convictions and years of drug use, Tucson resident Jacob Kirk was facing a mandatory prison sentence. All of that happened through a Pima County Superior Court prison-diversion program for nonviolent offenders that in the future could be hobbled by congressional efforts to undo the Affordable Care Act. While much of the
6/25/17 - More broadband = better health Dr. Karen S. Rheuban: Expanding broadband will improve America's health hammer
According to the FCC, close to half of U.S. counties are "double burden" counties- areas with high levels of chronic diseases and needs for more broadband. More than 36 million Americans live in these double-burden counties, said the FCC, where the average broadband access rate is 55 percent. The FCC found that in these counties, the prevalence of
6/25/17 - New FDA-Cleared Smart Heart Monitor Keeps the Cardiologist a Heartbeat Away
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Heart Disease Weekly Eko Devices, the leader in mobile acoustic cardiac monitoring tools, has received FDA clearance to market its latest innovation, DUO- a combined digital stethoscope and electrocardiogram. The portable cardiac device was inspired by cardiologists' demand for more effective monitoring too
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