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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - ReaLens, LLC: The first product, the iris stabilizer/expander, is 510K approved and ready for the market. - November 19, 2017

Pharmacy News Article

 3/16/17 - ReaLens, LLC: The first product, the iris stabilizer/expander, is 510K approved and ready for the market.

ReaLens, LLC

Austin, TX, TX 78613, US

Medical Devices & Equipment

ReaLens, LLC is an ophthalmic devices manufacturer startup that has two products:

1) A new unique, patented Iris Expander/Stabilizer that prevents Floppy Iris Syndrome during cataract surgery. This product is FDA 510K approved and ready for sale now.

2) The first truly accommodating IntraOcular Lens, that after cataract surgery focuses naturally at distance, near, and between. This product is in development, and should be available for clinical trials in late 2015

The Iris Expander/Stabilizer is inserted during cataract surgery to prevent Iris Prolapse (expulsion of iris tissue) in at-risk eyes. As many as 10% of all men who have taken prostate medications are at risk to develop Floppy Iris Syndrome during surgery, which is damaging to the delicate Iris Tissues. The potential market for this device is $16 million per year.

The Realens Accommodating IOL is based on the latest theories of human vision and near focusing. Recent advances in cataract surgery have shown that the ciliary muscle inside the eye continues to contract even as we advance in age. When the brittle cataract is removed in surgery, this artificial lens can be implanted inside the eye and will focus just like the natural, youthful lens.

The market for ophthalmic devices and surgical instruments is growing by 10% per year as the population ages. ReaLens, LLC goal is to provide better vision for an aging population.

Products / Services

iris stabilizer/expander

The first product, the iris stabilizer/expander, is 510K approved and ready for the market. It addresses the increasingly common problem of Intra-operative Floppy Iris Syndrome, which occurs during cataract surgery. Patients, especially men, who take drugs to treat prostate and urinary problems are especially prone to this problem. The iris, the colored part of the interior of the eye that defines the black pupil, becomes weakened and tends to protrude through the small incisions made during the cataract surgery. This makes the surgery difficult and causes post-operative glare for the patient. Our 'horseshoe' protects the iris, and easy to insert and remove. The world-wide market for this device is about $15 million.

Our second product is an accommodating intraocular lens that focuses naturally at all distances. It is in early development, but the world market for this device exceeds $250 million.


Director Executive Officer Roger Gerlach

Roger Gerlach,CPA, Chief Executive Officier, will provide full time management services for ReaLens ,LLC. Gerlach has served as CFO for over 25 years in the manufacturing recycling industry. He has concurrently worked in general management, public accounting and financial consulting. Gerlach has a BA in Accounting from UW-Madison and MBA in Finance from UW-Oshkosh.

Contact at:

President Technology/Technologist Gerald Clarke

Gerald Clarke, MD, President and Chief Technology Officer is a partner in OptiVision Inc., the largest provider of LASIK surgery north of Chicago with over $6 million in annual sales. He received his undergraduate degree from Notre Dame and graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University. He finished his ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute and has been in private practice since that time. Dr. Clarke further studied optics and physics at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He is published and has several patents in neural network technology in intraocular lens calculation.


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