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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - Reports Outline Drug Delivery Systems Study Findings from J. Wong and Colleagues (Magnetic Nanoparticles: New Perspectives in Drug Delivery) - October 20, 2017

Pharmacy News Article

 3/20/17 - Reports Outline Drug Delivery Systems Study Findings from J. Wong and Colleagues (Magnetic Nanoparticles: New Perspectives in Drug Delivery)

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Clinical Trials Week A new study on Drugs and Therapies - Drug Delivery Systems is now available. According to news reporting out of London, United Kingdom, by NewsRx editors, research stated, "The study of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) for drug delivery has recently seen a surge of interest even though the first studies were conducted as early as in the seventies. Despite this, there are still gaps in the knowledge of the field, implicating the complexities in designing the ideal MNP for drug delivery."

Our news journalists obtained a quote from the research, "The large surface area of MNPs and the ability to manipulate with an externally applied magnetic field render the MNP a good candidate for targeted delivery of drugs. Drugs are conjugated to the surface of MNPs or encapsulated within, while the surface of MNPs receives a protective coating and is functionalised with ligands, enzymes, linkers, and active molecules to deliver the drug to a targeted site. These MNPs in the form of nanogels, micelles, polymers, dendrimers, and receptor-targeted have been studied in vitro and in vivo to assess morphology, cytotoxicity, localisation and others, which are the indicators of efficacy. While preclinical studies appear to be promising, there is a limited translation from bench to bedside for reasons such as inconsistent results between similar studies and inadequate profiles of toxicity, drug release and biodistribution amongst many others. However, the substantial number of clinical trials of MNPs in other applications such as hyperthermia for the treatment of cancer and imaging shows that there is indeed potential in the development of MNPs to achieve successful drug delivery."

According to the news editors, the research concluded: "The lack of optimal design for MNP surface functionalization and conjugation to drug and other molecules for delivery to target cells gives plenty of room for the research and development of the ideal MNP, which is indicated for the future of MNP in biomedical applications."

For more information on this research see: Magnetic Nanoparticles: New Perspectives in Drug Delivery. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 2017;():. (Bentham Science Publishers -; Current Pharmaceutical Design -

Our news journalists report that additional information may be obtained by contacting A. Seifalian, Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine Ltd for Commercialisation, The London BioScience Innovation Centre, London, UK. Additional authors for this research include J. Prout and A. Seifalian (see also Drugs and Therapies - Drug Delivery Systems).

Keywords for this news article include: London, Europe, Nanoparticle, United Kingdom, Nanotechnology, Drugs and Therapies, Drug Delivery Systems, Emerging Technologies.

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