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Pharmacy Choice - Pharmaceutical News - The Stork OTC is Now Available to Consumers at a New Lower Price - November 20, 2017

Pharmacy News Article

 9/7/17 - The Stork OTC is Now Available to Consumers at a New Lower Price

PITTSBURGH(BUSINESS WIRE) Rinovum Women's Health announced today The Stork OTC, the only FDA-cleared, over-the-counter treatment device designed to optimize the chances of at-home conception using the cervical cap insemination technique, is now available to consumers at 25 percent less. The price reduction aligns with the company mission to provide an affordable, reliable and quality solution that aids in conception.

By implementing major manufacturing improvements, Rinovum Women's Healthcare now offers The Stork OTC at a significantly reduced price to help optimize the chances of at-home conception for one in six couples struggling with infertility1. These manufacturing improvements include reduction of redundant components, improved manufacturing capabilities, and the creation of supply chain efficiencies that reduced labor and time expenses. And, because Rinovum Women's Health goal is to simply help others, the company is taking less profit, putting money back into their consumers' pockets to invest in their families.

Rinovum Women's Health created the Stork OTC home conception device as an option for women and couples to try before attempting assisted reproductive treatments, and to bridge the gap between natural intercourse and fertility treatments, stated Stephen Bollinger, president and chief executive officer of Rinovum Women's Health, and co-creator of the device. Our goal is to make The Stork OTC accessible and affordable so couples can increase their chance of becoming pregnant within the privacy and comfort of their home.

The Stork OTC uses a clinically proven technique of cervical cap insemination, once only available at a doctor's office and at a much lower cost. It's an option that goes beyond basic ovulation tracking and lets consumers take back control of their journey.

We know how stressful and costly the path to parenthood can be. Many in our company have been down some part of the fertility path to build their own families, so we understand how difficult the process can be, Bollinger stated. Many consumers expressed their need for an alternative to current expensive and invasive fertility treatment options that are unattainable for most. We heard them loud and clear, and wanted to help by offering The Stork OTC at an even lower cost.

Though clinical reproductive treatments abound, they are often complex, drawn-out procedures that can cost couples upwards of $10,000. The Stork OTC offers an elegantly simple way to optimize chances for conception, in the privacy of a home, now at an even better price point that is far less costly than invasive procedures.

About The Stork Ib2C, Inc., A Rinovum Women's Health Company

Rinovum Women's Health is a privately held women's health company dedicated to bringing products to the market that will enhance women's lives and empower them to take charge of their health. The Stork Ib2C, Inc., A Rinovum Women's Health Company, launched its flagship product, The Stork OTC, which is a conception device for reproductive health to assist in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the patient's home. Rinovum Women's Health aims to support the development of products that are easy-to-use and safe, as well as a more economical way for a couple to address common fertility diagnoses. For more information about Rinovum Women's Health, The Stork Ib2C, Inc., and The Stork OTC visit and

1National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

The Stork Ib2C, Inc, A Rinovum Women's Health Company

Brianna Clements, 724-241-8936


Leslie Swiantek, 724-880-1122

Source: The Stork Ib2C, Inc., A Rinovum Women's Health Company

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